One Macs & Buddy Treat Dispenser Machines + Mini Bones-Fresh Breath


Product Description

•Gumball treat dispenser for Mini Bones
•Comes loaded with 14oz of treats and is refillable!
•Gumball Dispenser is logoed with Macs & Buddy on lid.
•Perfect size for kitchen counter 9" tall x 4.5" wide
•Perfect to keep treats fresh and easy access.
Treats included:
•A low fat treat that cleans teeth and reduces “doggie breath”
•Perfect for small & toy breeds as well as training
•A unique treat from the inventor of Talk To Me Treats and Talk To Me Treatball.
•Made with real Dill, Parsley, & Mint
•A clean treat that leaves no grease or crumbs behind.
•Made in USA with USA ingredients.
•No artificial colors or by-products.
•Naturally preserved - No propylene glycol or BHA.
  • Perfect Small Dog Treat: Great for dogs 3lbs to 25lbs
  • Treat size: 3/4" Long x 3/8" wide 1/8" thick
  • Mini Bone Calories: 2 calories per bone treat
  • Item #: 00444-MBGF