14oz Macs & Buddy Big Bones-Fresh Breath


Product Description

Fresh Breath Dog Bones - Gourmet Dog Treats

  • A low fat treat that cleans teeth and reduces “DOGGIE BREATH”
  • Perfect for medium to large breeds as well as training
  • Made with real Dill, Parsley, & Mint
  • A clean treat that leaves no grease or crumbs behind.
  • 14oz resealable bag (Over 100 treats).
  • Made in USA with USA ingredients.
  • No artificial colors or by-products.
  • Naturally preserved - No propylene glycol or BHA.

Looking for a healthy big bone that gives your dog fresh breath? Our 14 oz pack of big bones do exactly that by fighting bad breath at its source. But they are much more than just breath mints for dogs. Your dog will absolutely go bonkers over these treats which are perfect for dogs between 20 and 50 lbs. Plus, they are all natural, being made with mint, parsley, and real dill. They are low fat, and are clean, so you don’t have to worry about any crumbs whatsoever. Say goodbye to not being able to snuggle with your puppy because of nasty breath, because our fresh breath doggie bones not only fight bad breath, they clean your dog’s teeth as well. Think of it like a great tasting, edible toothbrush for your little buddy!

  • Perfect Big Dog Treat: Great for dogs 20lbs to 50lbs
  • Treat size: 1" Long x 5/8" wide " 1/4" thick
  • Big Bone Calories: 6 calories per bone treat
Item #: 00450-MBBB