14oz Macs & Buddy Mini Bones-Fresh Breath


Product Description

Fresh Breath Mini Bones - Best Dog Breath Freshener

  • A low fat treat that cleans teeth and reduces “DOGGIE BREATH”
  • Perfect for small & toy breeds as well as training
  • A unique treat from the inventor of Talk To Me Treats and Talk To Me Treat-ball.
  • Made with real Dill, Parsley, & Mint
  • A clean treat that leaves no grease or crumbs behind.
  • 14oz resealable bag (Over 200 treats).

These are the best dog breath fresheners out on the market, and it isn’t even close folks! How can we make such a claim? Easy, no other dog breath fresheners taste this great, let alone are low fat, healthy, and made with real parsley, mint, and dill. From the makers of Take To Me Treats comes these unique, all natural dog biscuits, ideal for small breeds 3 to 25 lbs. Not only are they natural and healthy dog treats, but they really clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath as well. You can get your one-time purchase right now, or subscribe and save a full 10 percent on your order. Get your Fresh Breath Mini Bones from Macs & Buddy today!

  • Made in USA with USA ingredients.
  • No artificial colors or by-products.
  • Naturally preserved - No propylene glycol or BHA.
    • Item #: 00444-MBFB