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"Otto", Pup of Amanda - New York, NY   "Thank you!  Otto will be so happy!"

"Lil-e", Pup of Paul - Sarasota, FL. 

"You have been so nice in our emails and I appreciate it so much. My LIL-e is so happy with the new mini bones, and myself, am so happy that you have been there for us both."


"Thank you, you made their day!!" Pups of Patricia - Mesa, AZ.

"My doggies will be so happy. Especially my 16.5 year old who has bad breath!"

Pups of Harriet-  Las Vegas, NV.


"Picture of her waiting patiently for the order attached.  She loves those Mini Bones."  - "Mini" Pup of Bruce- New Braunfels, TX. 

"Yes, everything is here in total!!!! Thanks the girls, The Baby Belles-Lilly Rose & Taylor Delaney, love them!!!  Thanks & Cheers!!!!!" - Pups of Kelly- Louisville, KY. 

"Amy", 15 yr 'young'- Pup of Annette, Manakin-Sabot VA    "Amy is very happy with her mini cheese and mint bones!  She is especially enjoying her favorite cheese ones!"

"Taz", 14 yrs old - Pup of Tom, West New York, NJ  "I do appreciate your concern in this matter. So does Taz he loves the bones. I will not need another bag as he is 14teen years old. I do pray he will require more."