Macs & Buddy Mini Bones

Photos of Macs & Buddy's Friends

MOCO coming out of laser adjustments from Knee Surgery(Left) and owner said he could not wait to get home and get his Macs & Buddy Mini Bones! Then back home chillin' with sister Chiquita.
Quote from owner:

"And BTW, these dogs hate dog food and dog treats (meaty, etc.) but they LOVE Macs and Buddy.  They are 10 and 11 years old and started with these when they had the Talk to Me Treat Ball!  Longtime customers."

LIL-e Dog of the Month July 2015
Quote from owner: "I finally found Macs & Buddy Mini Bone mint treats, Every morning LIL-e goes
into the kitchen and barks at the pantry when she thinks it is timefor a treat. She gets five in the morning, and five in the evening. Ijust ordered two more 14oz jars online. Please don't stop making
Mini Bones, as it would have a disastrous effect at our home."
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